Getting Hands-on with the Maker Movement

Check out the slides from the workshop and then get started making!

1) To get hands-on with the maker movement, you'll need a computer - mobile devices won't cut it.

2) Sign-up for a free Scratch account ( You can use the online version with MaKey MaKey. You will need to download Scratch ( to use with Hummingbird.

3) If new to Scratch, try out the Scratch cards (

4) Remix the Meet Tech-Girl Dot project. This project will be our starting off point for getting connected with physical computing:
  • Login to Scratch
  • Go to Meet Tech-Girl Dot project (
  • Click See inside
  • Click Remix
  • Make a change to the project (e.g. change the Backdrop or the color of Dot)
  • Click Share

5) Try out MaKey MaKey and Hummingbird Robotics projects.

Have fun & let us know what you created!

TechKim (@kimxtom & @teentechgirls)