MaKey MaKey Invention Kit Projects

Intro to Computer Science Activities

  • Materials: aluminum, cardboard, tape, conductive and insulating dough (optional) ,conductive ink (optional)
  • Tech: Scratch (online)
  • Notes: 3 activities; Binary Switch is very easy and next activities builds from there.
  • Subject areas: Computer Science, Math, Music

Scratch-Made Operation Game

  • Materials: telephone wire, chopsticks, aluminum tape, hot glue, a box, paint, and foil
  • Tech: Scratch (online)
  • Notes: fun, multi-day project
  • Subject areas: Science, Computer Science

MaKey MaKey Weave

  • Materials: yarn, copper wire, steel wool, cardboard tube frames, pins, scissors, saw, pliers, measuring tape, cutter knife, needle, tape, computer with speakers
  • Tech: Soundplant (Mac or PC)
  • Subject areas: Art, Music, Science

MaKey MaKey Journey

  • Materials: lots of tin foil, tape, wires
  • Tech: Scratch (online)
  • Notes: Great project for collaboration and expanding
  • Subject areas: Computer Science

More Ideas