Paper Circuits

Tapetricity Cards




  1. Fold cardstock paper in half and create artwork on front.
  2. Determine where light will go & gently poke a very small hole through card.
  3. Tape 2 pieces of conductive tape parallel on either side of the hole (inside card).
  4. Label one piece of tape + (positive) and the other – (negative).
  5. Push light through hole. Tape shorter leg (-) to negative tape & longer leg (+) to positive tape. Make sure the end of leg is on tape.
  6. Tape battery down (positive side down to positive tape). Use just a little tape, most of the battery needs to be uncovered.
  7. Test light by laying final piece of conductive tape across battery & negative tape to complete the circuit.
  8. Take backing off final piece of tape and lay across battery. Close card, so it sticks on opposite side.

Inside of card

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